Princeton Theological Seminary sent an R.F.P. to churches who are interested in exploring ways to do innovative youth ministry. Over 200 churches applied and Coppin has been selected as one of 50 churches to participate in the "Community of Engagement." These 50 churches received a Community Blueprint which is designed to identify innovators in our church and community. The Blueprint also gave us a chance to explore our past and present context to gain a clearer picture of what God is leading us to in the future as we "respond to God's call for, with and through young people." 

We have completed the Blueprint and will complete the application by July 1st, hoping to be one of 12 churches selected to receive a youth ministry grant from Princeton. The process was phenomenal and we learned a lot about ourselves and our community. Whether we receive the grant or not, we have a firm foundation upon which to build innovative ministries for young people in our community. 

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The team working on the Big Group Project. We were assigned tasks designed to engage members of the community in evaluating our resources, strengths, opportunities and weaknesses. The project was fun and we learned a lot from our young people 

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